Osiris Media Announces Undermine, A New Phish Podcast


Philadelphia — December 7, 2020 — On February 3, 2021, Osiris Media will launch Undermine, which combines Under the Scales, Helping Friendly Podcast and Beyond the Pond into a new weekly show. Undermine will excavate the deep history of the band through interviews, in-depth analysis of the band’s music, and looks at broader musical themes and influences. You can listen to the Undermine announcement episode from Under the Scales here.

Season One will focus on “The Early Years,” Phish’s foundational period of the 1980s. This season will cover the band’s early influences and songwriting, as well as the developing fan culture, the biggest concerts played in that decade, early festival-like shows, and initial travels outside of Vermont to spread the music. In addition, we’ll focus on what was happening in both popular and counter-culture music, and how politics and culture of the 1980s laid the foundation for a band like Phish to grow.

“Osiris exists because Tom Marshall and I came together around our passion for telling the story of Phish through the Helping Friendly Podcast and Under the Scales,” said RJ Bee, CEO of Osiris. “We are taking another step in the evolution of Osiris with the creation of Undermine. The teams of all three podcasts are thrilled to create the most complete picture of the early world Phish was conceived in and simultaneously built.”

“Creatively, I work best in collaboration with others. I’ve done Under the Scales for four years now and am so excited for the potential of the team we’ve formed,” said Tom Marshall, Osiris’s Creative Director. “I’ll be the guide on this journey to weave together the story of the early years of Phish, and the work of all three podcast teams will create a must-listen show for both serious Phish fans and music fans who want to learn about Phish’s place in modern music history.”

Undermine will take a narrative approach to this podcast, taking listeners on a journey through the first decade of Phish’s existence. Tom Marshall will serve as the narrator, but all three podcast teams will provide interviews, analysis, context, and more. All back episodes of all three podcasts will still be available through their respective feeds.

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