About Osiris

Osiris is creating and curating music and culture podcasts for passionate fans and helping like-minded advertisers get in front of engaged customers.

Music Fans

Today people are bombarded with content, but many people are not finding authentic connections with the topics they care about. And many companies are having a harder time forming relationships with targeted consumers.

As ESPN provided passionate sports fans with a way to connect more deeply with their interests, Osiris is looking to do the same with music and culture. With audio podcasts, video, and live events, we are creating commentary and experiences for music fans to delight and inform—while helping companies connect with a difficult to reach demographic in an authentic way.


Brands are trying to find increasingly difficult-to-reach audiences: young, passionate, highly-educated individuals with high household incomes. Our listeners consume our content because they’re passionate about our subjects. Through promo codes, special offers and other deals, our consumers form meaningful relationships with our users. 

If you are seeking to engage passionate listeners, you can partner with Osiris. With a reach of 200,000 listens per month, we can help you deliver your brand message to targeted and engaged consumer segments.