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The Team


RJ Bee

RJ’s background is in business and communications. He has channeled his lifelong passion for music into the Helping Friendly Podcast, which he co-founded in 2013. As CEO, RJ is responsible for leading and growing Osiris. He brings expertise in strategic growth, HR, marketing and finance, most recently as SVP at Hattaway Communications. RJ has a BA from The Ohio State University and an MA from the University of Chicago.
Tom Marshall

Tom Marshall

Tom is the primary lyricist and songwriter for the band Phish, with over 300 songs to his name. Tom also has a technical background, having graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in Computer Science. Tom recently completed the sale of his music company LyricMachine to an Atlanta-based entertainment company. Tom is now a successful music podcaster, having launched Under The Scales in November 2016 and achieving more than a million downloads in the first season.


Christina Collins

Christina’s background is in traditional and digital advertising. At Osiris, she is responsible for managing overall business operations, advertising operations, podcaster community relations, and events. She also assists with content production & strategic partnerships. Christina graduated from Georgetown University with a BS in International Business & Marketing.


Matt Dwyer

Matt has spent over 13 years in the software industry, leading Product Management for several SAAS platforms. Since 2016, Matt has served as Producer and Co-Host of The Helping Friendly Podcast, the top ranked fan-created Phish podcast. Matt brings his experience in technology, audio, product management, and his endless passion for music to Osiris. Matt has a BS in Management Information Systems from The Pennsylvania State University.


Nick Cejas

Nick is a social media and digital communications expert, creating content that engages and drives traffic for all Osiris podcasts and initiatives. Nick has worked with a wide range of clients, and has a knack for bringing a voice to brands and exposing new audiences to new content. At Osiris, Nick leads all external communications and outreach, and helps develop strategies for audience growth.


Osiris is proud to work with experts from the business, music, and technology communities.

Andy Weissman

Andy Weissman

Steve Martocci

Steve Martocci


Nate Tobey

Andrew Sparkler

Andrew Sparkler

Chris Pandolfi

Chris Pandolfi


Jon Barber


Macon Phillips


Peter Mellen


Craig Hillwig

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