078:A Special Announcement


UNDERMINE comes to life!! What is Undermine? It’s a new podcast!!! It is nothing short of the biggest and best Phish podcast ever. The “Big Three” Osiris Phish podcasts, Under the Scales, Helping Friendly Podcast and Beyond the Pond are merging to form the new go-to WEEKLY Phish podcast, Undermine. Weekly we said, you read that correctly…we are going to have the hosts of all the three shows working together to bring you stunning Phishy content every week. Undermine will excavate the deep history of the band through interviews, in-depth analysis of the band’s music, and looks at broader musical themes and influences. This episode is hosted by Tom Marshall from Under the Scales, RJ Bee from HF Pod and Brian Brinkman from Beyond the Pond. We give you an idea of what to expect with Undermine.

Also — listen to this episode and something will jump out at you — not RJ’s jokes…but rather, the MUSIC! Amar Sastry, known as @brahmin_noodles on Twitter, is famous for his beautiful guitar renderings of Phish songs. We’re so lucky to have gotten him to provide unbelievable original music for Undermine, and we preview it here! You will thank us.

We also each personally select a jam for your listening pleasure.

We hope you enjoy. Undermine premiers in February 2021 with the full compliment of hosts from the three shows: Brian Brinkman and David Goldstein from Beyond the Pond, RJ Bee, Matt Dwyer, Jonathan Hart and Brad TenBrook from HF Pod, and Tom Marshall from Under the Scales.


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