UM97 01 John Paluska

Welcome to Undermine Season 4! We are back to track the road to Fall ‘97, and to celebrate amazing shows of the 1990s while leading up to that legendary tour. From now through December, we’ll be tracking Phish’s progression in the 1990s by focusing on 25 important shows of the 90’s—leading up to the tour that changed everything, Fall 1997, and we’ll discuss EVERY show of that tour. 

We start this season with 11/2/90, from Boulder, Colorado, with guest John Paluska. This show is notable because of course, this is Phish’s second trip to Colorado. In 1990, they would play 20 shows there. This show was a widely circulated tape, with some notable music moments we’ll discuss. And of course, John Paluska was Phish’s manager from 1990-2004, and helped the band grow in every way during the 1990s. 

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