The Moss

In this first episode of the second season, host, Dead Air Dave opens the file on The Moss as they roll out The Insomnia, their debut release on Hollywood Records. Frontman Tyke James gives us the inside story on how the band met and formed in Hawaii, self-produced their first two releases, then jumped to Salt Lake City (quite a move)!

We also hear from Dixon, of WAQX in Syracuse, NY., who tells us how he was hooked on the band after the first listen. Dixon continues to praise the guitar-driven sound of The Moss as something Alt stations should be embracing everywhere. Amy and Andrew from 7S Management also join to discuss The Moss, and share stories from being on the road with the band. And you’ll get a dose of the latest songs from the new EP.

Follow The Moss on Instagram @themossband, on Facebook, and listen to their new EP here.

Each episode of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang New Music Files opens the dossier of a band in the Alternative music format to get the inside intel on their latest release.