The Latest in Music and Tech

Today, the spotlight shines on two companies doing interesting work at the crossroads of music and technology. 

In our first segment, we talk to Adam Hasslert, CEO of online digital audio workstation and beatmaking platform Soundation. Every month, Soundation’s online music studio is used by over 100,000 creatives who produce music directly in their web browsers. Focusing on building the next-generation music software for upcoming music producers with professional ambitions, Soundation offers a collaborative workstation, a vibrant online community, and many learning tools. The company’s mission is to facilitate musical creativity around the world.

Next up we have Max Goldberg and Steven Segel of Hotdrop, a new app that  addresses the current generational shift underway in music discovery and consumption. 30-second snippets enable rapid discovery, are easily shared with other music superfans, yielding high virality for emerging artists. Hotdrop enables exactly this.

Whether you create, promote or enjoy new music, today’s episode has something that should appeal to you.

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