The Drop Daily with RJ Bee 7/23/20

Festival Circuit: New Orleans Ep. 3 — At the Fairgrounds

Today we’re excited to share episode 3 of Festival Circuit: New Orleans. This episode is all about jazz fest. We go back to the beginning of the festival and look at how it started, standout performances, the evolution of the festival itself, and of course, talk a bit about New Orleans food.

We spend some time in the Gospel Tent, party with Mardi Gras Indians, and look at the explosive growth of the festival over the past 20 years. And of course, plenty of music.

This would have been the 51st jazz fest, and we all wish we could have been there. But this tribute to the festival itself helps us all feel a little more connected to the festival.

Here’s the first 10 minutes or so of episode 3. Hope you enjoy. And if you like it, please subscribe and share, and leave a review. Thank you.