The Drop Daily with RJ Bee 7/22/20

The Drop Daily with RJ Bee
5 Things You Need To Know for Wednesday 7/22/20

New TAB Content + Brent Mydland + 2015 Phish

1. Alexandra Savior on Past, Present, Future, Live! This week, I got to talk with singer-songwriter Alexandra Savior about her new album “The Archer,” growing up in Portland, songwriting as therapy, and what’s next for her music while tour plans remain on hold. You can see all of our PPFL videos at

2. Trey Anastasio Band on Helping Friendly Podcast. This week, Matt and I went deep on “TAB 1.0,” looking at Trey’s band from 2000-2003. We go through tour by tour, play a lot of songs, and talk about what changed along the way. Really fun.

3. Celebrating Brent Mydland on Brokedown Podcast. Jonathan is joined by Justin Bruce, music fan and weatherman for Las Vegas’ KTNV. Justin recently decided to explore the Brent Mydland years of Grateful Dead so he came on the show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his final shows and passing. They discuss Brent’s tenure, his songwriting, and musical contributions. And music!

4. Atlanta 2015 Kill Devil Falls on Beyond The Pond. Dave and Brian talk about the beautiful, funky jam that came out of Kill Devil Falls on July 31, 2015 in Atlanta. This is a long, wonderful adventure of a jam, and Dave and Brian of course introduce you to some other music along the way.

5. NYC Musicians Benefit from Freaks Action Network. If you don’t know the Freaks in NYC, let me tell you, they are responsible for a lot of the innovative live music experiences you’ve come to expect in the city. This week they established a grant program for musicians who earn at least 50% of their income playing live music in New York City. Visit the website to learn more and to donate and get involved.