The Drop Daily—March 27, 2020

We’re trying something new, The Drop Daily. Because there are tons of music streams and ways to support artists in this time, we’re going to use this as an experiment to see if we can use our platform and point of view to recommend 5 things that we think you should look out for every day.

This is in both video and audio format (audio, so tell your friends and send us comments and feedback as well. On Monday, we’ll fill you in on some original Osiris video content coming every week. For more streaming concert information, check out

1. Live Lesson Masters—Have you been trying to improve your playing skills on any instrument? Check out Live Lesson Masters, created by Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits. You can sign up for lessons on virtually any instrument and be taught by some of your favorite musicians (

2. Ryley Walker’s Patreon—You can spend as little as $3/month and get daily posts, sometimes with hours of music. Live performances, studio outtakes, and interviews. (

3. 36 from the Vault goes to 1983. Rob Mitchum and Steven Hyden get deep into the Brent era this week by focusing on Dick’s Picks 6, from October 14, 1983. Steve and Rob are awesome, and I hope you’ll check out their show. (

4. Goose Live at 7:30pm ET. Our friends at Goose will be performing as part of the “Live From Out There” series, you can catch them on Their show will benefit Sweet Relief. (,1205/Goose-03-2020-Live-From-Out-There-Somewhere-US.html)

5. Stringdusters TV Live at 8pm ET. Every weeknight, different members of the band get together to talk, take questions, and generally have a good time. (

Alright, that’s it for today. Tune in tomorrow to hear more about the latest in music streaming and podcasts from Osiris and beyond. We appreciate your support, and let us know what you think of this. Until next time…