The Drop Daily 8/7/20

Bob Weir + Lucinda Williams + Kenny Roby Live

Lots of new stuff for you today.

Bob Weir, Melvin Seals and Mountain Girl on Comes A Time. As I mentioned yesterday, today, in the final days of The Days Between, Oteil and Mike are releasing 3 episodes you can watch or listen to, with 3 fantastic guests. The Bob Weir interview alone will blow your mind. He’s so smart and has so many amazing nuggets of wisdom to share. Watch on video here or listen on audio here.

Lucinda Williams on JamBase Podcast. This new episode of the podcast features Andy Kahn talking to Lucinda about her excellent new album, Good Souls Better Angels, which came out in April. They discussed her songwriting process and how she developed the songs that became the record. They also talked broadly about her work, and about how she’s coping during the pandemic.

Kurtis Blow on Tapes Archive. This new episode features a never before heard interview with the hip-hop pioneer. At the time of this interview in 1997, Blow was 38 years old and was promoting his three-CD compilation, “The History of Rap.” In the interview, Kurtis talks with host Marc Allen about how Don Cornelius, host of Soul Train, broke his heart; what hip-hop fans should go back and listen to; and how he foresaw how big rap music would become. If you don’t know, Kurtis was the first rapper to sign a major record label, and had the first certified gold record rap song for Hip Hop with The Breaks in 1980.

Kenny Roby Interview + Live Song. I got the chance to sit down and talk with singer-songwriter Kenny Roby, who told us about his new album, which comes out today, called The Reservoir. We got into depth about how this album was supposed to be produced by Neal Casal, but after his passing, it was continued with Dave Schools as the producer. Really good conversation, and he played us an acoustic song at the end. You can stream his new album today and order the LP here: