The Drop Daily 8/4/20

The Drop Daily with RJ Bee – New Under the Scales + Krasno + Allman Betts!

We have a bunch of new interviews to tell you about, plus an exclusive live track from Allman Betts Band.

Allen Stone on Eric Krasno Plus One. On this new episode of Plus One, Eric talks with soul singer and bandleader Allen Stone. Allen is the son of a preacher, and describes how singing in church from the age of 3 built his musical chops for years before he was exposed to “secular” music. He and Eric touch on Stevie Wonder’s influence, and they also talk about fatherhood, the lifelong search for contentment with the touring life, and what they tell up and coming artists when they’re asked for advice.

Allman Betts Band on Past, Present, Future, Live! On this new episode I got to talk to Devon Allman and Duane Betts of the Allman Betts Band about family history, musical chemistry, and their new record “Bless Your Heart” which comes out on August 28th. They have a really cool story as the children of famous musicians who met more than 30 years ago, and then came back together in 2017 to form this band. The music is great, and you’ll hear a track from them at the end of this intro. As always, they play some exclusive tracks for us. Those are all available on our YouTube page.

Sam Altman on Touchdowns All Day! Jon is back talking with original Disco Biscuits drummer Sam Altman. They talk about their early days playing together, the formation of the band, some tour stories, and lots more.

Vance Powell on Under the Scales. This week, Tom speaks to the multiple grammy-winning producer, engineer and mixer responsible for so much of the great music we all listen to, Vance Powell. Recently having completed co-production of Sigma Oasis, he tells us how he got here and about some of the other fantastic artists who rely upon him to create their own signature sound. He also has worked with artists like Chris Stapleton, Jack White, Sturgill Simpson and many others. And don’t forget to become a Reefer and join Under the Scales Premium!