The Drop Daily 6/25/20

The Drop Daily with RJ Bee

Today we want to tell you about some new podcast episodes from Osiris this week. First, if you missed the Disco Biscuits show in Philadelphia last night, check it out now They raised a bunch of money for Black Lives Matter. A great example of music being part of the solution. We encourage you all to check out organizations like Color of Change, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Campaign Zero, Black Lives Matter, National Bail Fund Network.

1. Workingman’s 50th pt. 2 on Brokedown Podcast. This is the second half of Jonathan and Buzz Poole’s breakdown of Workingman’s Dead. Poole’s book for the 33 1/3 series examines the whole history of The Grateful Dead through the lens of this one album. On this episode, Jonathan and Buzz flip the album over and explore side two before spinning a mix of live performances of the songs.

2. Phans for Racial Equity on Phemale Centrics. On this episode, Dawn is joined by Shaunea Robinson for a conversation about Black Lives Matter, Phans for Racial Equity, white privilege, Shaunea’s experience as a black women in the Phish community and what we as Phish fans can do to help support diversity within our scene.

3. Pharmer’s Alamanac on Under the Scales. Tom talks with the creator of the Pharmer’s Almanac, Kevin Cassels. Fly backwards 20 years into Phish’s remarkable history with Kevin and Tom.

4. Circles Around the Sun on No Simple Road. Mark Levy from Circles Around The Sun joins No Simple Road this week. They talk about the quarantine from another perspective, cultivating gratitude for the little things, finding joy in abandoning hope, how he’s coping with going from being on the road to being at home, and a ton more!

5. Latest LivePhish Release on HF Pod. We talk about the latest LivePhish release, from Alpine Valley, 8.1.98. As Matt said, things get saucy in this episode. We debate covers, Tweezers, and take some fan mail up front. It was a lot of fun, and we hope you enjoy.

6. Connecting with Voters on Politics of Truth. This week Bob Crawford talks with Dr. Peter Wish, a psychologist with expertise working with political candidates on connecting with voters. A lot of really cool and important insights on this episode.

7. Eric Krasno on Past, Present, Future, Live! Want to remind you again about this new Osiris show. If you’re not subscribed yet, please rectify that immediately! Today I wanted to conclude by including a track from episode 1 of that show, a song performed by Eric Krasno. This is one of the more unique aspects of this show. And check out the whole episode if you didn’t when it was released.

And thank you.