The Drop Daily 6/10/20

The Drop Daily with RJ Bee
5 Things You Need To Know For Wednesday, June 10th:

1. Brokedown Podcast—Workingman’s 50th (Side A). This week, Jonathan releases his two-part celebration of the 50th anniversary of Workingman’s Dead. He brings on author Buzz Poole to break down the record just as he did in his recent book that is part of the Bloomsbury 33&⅓ series. They break down the songs on side one and wrap the episode with a mix of live versions of those tunes.

2. Beyond the Pond—Black Lives Matter. This week, Brian and Dave said “With everything happening in America in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, we felt it necessary to step back and discuss our thoughts, as well as how we’re communicating racism and the constant pursuit of equality in our country to our kids. We also felt it important to acknowledge that we haven’t done enough as podcasters to highlight the music of black artists, especially those who are up and coming, and we commit to do better. We’ve also included information about a few organizations we’ve donated to that we’d encourage you to as well. Finally, we compiled a playlist of some of the black artists who paved the way for the music we love, as well as those making music today that are blowing our minds.”

3. Helping Friendly Podcast—Perspective from a Phish Fan of Color. This episode is a rebroadcast of a conversation we brought to you first in 2017 with Phish fans Shaunea Robinson, and Adam Lioz, who wrote a blog post about the whiteness of the Phish scene for Headcount and later went on to start Phans for Racial Equity. We talk about Adam and Shaunea’s Phish journeys, the post Adam wrote, the feedback from the piece, and hear about Shaunea’s experience at Phish shows. And then we play some music that they both chose. We hope you enjoy the episode.

4. Eric Krasno on Past, Present, Future, Live! We want to give another plug to our newest show, which was just released yesterday. We hope you got to listen to the podcast, check out the video of Eric performing songs live and check out the Spotify playlist of songs discussed in the episode. New episode next week.

5. 10pm ET—Circles Around the Sun Rebroadcast. New stream to tell you about! This actually happens to be the last live show I was supposed to see, but didn’t, because I was at the very beginning of moving from DC to Philadelphia. As with most people, I’m sure, this feels like it happened in a different lifetime. But Circles, with Metzger, is awesome. From March 5 in Washington, DC. Part of the Live From Out There series.

Organizations you can support:
Color Of Change:
NAACP Legal Defense Fund:
Campaign Zero:
Black Lives Matter:
National Bail Fund Network: