The Drop Daily 5/19/20

The Drop Daily with RJ Bee
5 Things You Need To Know for Tuesday, May 19th:

1. 36 From the Vault—Dick’s Picks 9, 9/16/90. In episode 9 Steve and Rob take you to Madison Square Garden in New York City on 9/16/90. This is a different kind of Dick’s Picks, just two months after Brent Mydland passed. They have two new keyboardists, Vince Welnick and Bruce Hornsby, with a really interesting and weird performance. A really unique and odd point in Grateful Dead history, which we are happy to have Steve and Rob’s take on. They also focus on the late 80s/early 90s and some other musical and cultural perspectives as well.

2. Touchdowns All Day—2 Episodes with Allen Aucoin. This rounds out the band member interviews with a two-parter, where Jon and Allen go deep into Allen’s cajun family life and growing up around the military with his father in the Special Forces. Listen to hear about family crawfish boils in Germany, his healthy lifestyle and meditation, rudimentary drumming practices, influences, and more in this TDAD exclusive interview. Part 1 and part 2.

3. 5:00pm—Rad Night in America, JRAD 1/1/16. This week they’re going back to 1/1/16 at The Capitol Theater. This show features really great takes on I Need A Miracle, Must Have Been The Roses, and Dancing – Eyes. As with most Capitol Theater shows, this one is a standout.

4. 7:30pm—HF Pod Live with Andy Gadiel. We are going to be previewing the Dinner And A Movie show with one of the original curators of the Phish scene, Andy Gadiel. He was at the 7/21/97 show, which will be the focus of this week’s Phish archival webcast. Please tune in with us to preview the main event!

5. 8:30pm—Dinner And A Movie, 7/21/97. The main event this Tuesday is the first 1.0 show to be featured so far, Phish from Virginia Beach on 7/21/97. This is Phish’s first real show in 1997 in the US, and features a bunch of American debuts. This is the beginning of possibly Phish’s most celebrated year. Obviously it is their most celebrated year, there’s no question. And the food comes from Don Angie in NYC, a great spot. Trey said: “For this week’s Dinner And A Movie we thought it would be thrilling to invite Scott Tacinelli and Angie Rito of Don Angie to design a menu.”