The Drop Daily 5/12/20

The Drop Daily with RJ Bee
5 Things You Need To Know for Tuesday, May 12th:

1. Heads Talking—Meet the Mothers. I neglected to say Happy Mother’s Day when I put up Monday’s episode, so let me say that now. To all the moms out there, thank you. And this episode of Heads Talking, a spinoff of No Simple Road, the crew talks to all 3 of their moms, which is pretty cool.

2. Road To Now on Baseball with Jayson Stark. This week, Bob & Ben talk with celebrated baseball journalist Jayson about baseball’s place in American culture, how the scandals in the sport reflect moments in American history, and how Major League Baseball has persevered through some of our country’s hardest times.

3. Politics of Truth on Disaster Response with Brent Colburn. Bob is joined by Brent Colburn, who has worked at FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Pentagon; many of the agencies coordinating to combat the pandemic today. They discuss the federal and state-level responses to the pandemic, and Brent shares his experiences working on Hurricane Katrina and Sandy response.

4. 5pm ET—Rad Night in America—JRAD Red Rocks 8/31/17. They keep the show streams going with a look back at a really good show from 2017. Opens with a great jam into a really long Here Comes Sunshine. Did you know that JRAD’s most played song is “Jam”? I’m serious, I looked it up and everything.

5. 8:30pm ET—Phish Dinner And A Movie: 8/31/18. Episode 8 takes us back to Alpharetta, Georgia, from the Summer 2018 tour. And for the food, “Jon and Briar Fishman present another three-course repast from the staff of the Lincolnville General Store in Maine – kale salad, fish cakes and blueberry crisp! The recipe is below, and whatever you decide to make, tag us at #phishdinnerandamovie.” Also, “We have selected Feeding America as our beneficiary for this webcast. Donate any time at”

Have a groovy Tuesday, everyone.