The Drop Daily 4/11/20

The Drop Daily—5 Things You Need To Know for 4/11/20

1. Discologist on new music! Really good podcast on our network that I wanted to alert you to. They review new albums on every episode. This week they catch you up on new releases over the past few weeks, including from Torres, Brian Fallon, and Jeffrey Silverstein.

2. Food and Music Fans—The Shift List! We have a new episode of our food and music podcast The Shift List. Every episode of this podcast features a conversation with a chef, about their work but also about the music that’s played in their restaurants. This week, the guest is John Winter Russell, Chef and Founder of Restaurant Candide in Montreal. Host Chris Jacobs connected with John remotely to see how things have changed for him.

3, Star Trek Fans—Picard Discussion on Welcome To The Party Pal. Guest Jonathan Hart of Brokedown Podcast and HF Pod fame joins host Michael Shields to talk about Picard, a series created for CBS All Access.

4. Uncle Jesse’s Quarantrain — 6pm ET. Let’s get this dance party going once again. You can join at 6pm via Zoom or Mixlr. And once that ends at 9pm, Jesse will pass the torch to Alexa, aka QuaranTina, who’ll be spinning until midnight. Dance early, dance often, dance with your friends. Follow these instructions to join in on the fun:

5. Aqueous ‘One Song Set’ Livestream — 6:30pm ET. Watch Aqueous performing a one song live set as part of and 11E1even Group’s “Live From Out There” series benefiting Sweet Relief’s COVID-19 fund. And if you’re a fan of the band but you’re not familiar with he podcast All In With Aqueous, check out the most recent episode, which includes an interview with band member Dave Loss.,1085/Aqueous-04-2020-Live-From-Out-There-Somewhere-US.html

That’s it for today, friends. Have a great weekends and we’ll see you back here on Monday. Peace.