The Drop Daily 3/31/20

Happy Tuesday, hope you are doing well. Here are 5 things you need to know from Osiris. Question of the day: what are you most appreciative of right now? (Thanks to Eric for editing this every day!

Daddy Unscripted “Love in the Time of Covid.” Host Tim Wheaton goes solo to talk about the difficulties and responsibilities we all face right now, with an obvious leaning toward parents. What can we do to help make this better understood by our kids, how can we treat this time responsibly, while not freaking them out at the same time? (

No Simple Road with Kyle Hollingsworth. Kyle joins the fam to talk music and more! (

Brokedown Pod with Dead Music and Artist Darryl Norsen. Jonathan is taking his responsibility to bring you Grateful Dead music very seriously. This week he has some 1969 Dead, and an interview with artist and designer Darryl Norsen. Darryl has been doing posters and album art for some time now, for artists ranging from Garcia Peoples to Hiss Golden Messenger, to the Jerry Garcia Estate and Phish. (

Dinner and a Movie — 7/27/14 Live at 8:30. We talked about this on HF Pod Live last night, gonna be a fun one. With an option to donate to Meals on Wheels. Free! Might you have time for a Tweezerfest? (

God Ween Evan Live at 8:30! Join the GWE team to talk music, have some laughs, and take your mind off of the world. (

See you all tomorrow!