The Drop — 1/31/23

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AI coming for music. One of the big stories of the past few months has been ChatGPT and how that affects our lives. I’m following this story about Google’s creation on the music side, called MusicLM. Warner shifting vinyl production to decrease environmental impact. One of the big 3 labels says it’ll shift from 180g to 140g vinyl, investing in ways to produce records without PVC, and adopting recycling from production offcuts. They’ll also move more production to the US. Here’s a fact to keep in mind for collectors: Pressing plants can use antiquated steam boilers and a toxic brew of chemicals to make records, giving vinyl 12 times the greenhouse gas emissions of other physical media production like CDs.No Simple Road trucking on. If you’re a Dead fan, or a fan of the jamband and music community, this show is for you. The team does 2 episodes per week, one focused on a weekly rewind, and one with an artist interview. Their family vibe and warmth and intelligence produces some really insightful and unique interviews. 

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