Tash Sultana: Past, Present, Future, Live!

Watch Tash Sultana perform I Am Free, Let The Light In and Pretty Lady.


This week, we have a conversation with singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tash Sultana. Their new album, Terra Firma, is out now. We talked about Tash’s early musical days in Melbourne, playing in clubs and busking. In 2016, the video for the song Jungle, recorded in their living room, went viral, and now has almost 100 million views on YouTube.

But Tash isn’t an overnight sensation. They have an intense work ethic and a sense of determination that belies the hippie exterior. We talked about getting into a flow state, which was the title of Tash’s first album. We also talked about the human addiction to technology and social media, and the upsides of having access to a world’s worth of musical information and inspiration. Tash also shares the nourishment they’ve received from being home during the pandemic.

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