Sugar Maple Trailer

Welcome to Sugar Maple, an eight-episode dramatic fiction podcast that features an original soundtrack. Fred Savage stars as Terrance Woodridge, a diligent documentarian obsessed with finding an amazing guitar of legend—before it finds him. This podcast centers on a Fender Telecaster, rebuilt using a scrap of mysterious wood and dubbed Sugar Maple, which passes by strange circumstance to eight different owners over the years and decades. Each owner discovers the guitar and writes a single song on it … or is it, Terrance wonders, that the guitar writes a song using each of them? What pattern do the songs form? What power do they hold? And what will happen if Terrance can’t solve the puzzle in time?

Part adventure, part fantasy, this show will keep listeners entertained and on the edge of their seats, pushing the boundaries with plot twists and original music. Each episode focuses on a different character from a different era and a different genre of music. From 1950s blues to 1970s Motown to 1990s metal, the story and soundtrack takes listeners on a thrilling journey.

Premieres March 15. Presented by Osiris Media.

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