Past, Present, Future, Live!: Soul Rebels

This week’s Past, Present, Future, Live! features New Orleans trailblazers The Soul Rebels, whose eight-piece brass ensemble continues to push the boundaries of New Orleans’ musical tradition.
In this episode host RJ Bee sits down with Soul Rebels founder and drummer Lumar LeBlanc, plus trumpet players Marcus Hubbard and Julian Gosin to talk about the band’s path from side project to international acclaim.

After opening for the legendary Cyril Neville at Tipitina’s in 1991 and wowing him with their unbridled live performance, Cyril blessed them with the name “Soul Rebels” in honor of Bob Marley. The Soul Rebels carried that revolutionary spirit every step of the way, blending their masterful second-line brass band chops with elements of funk, soul, hip-hop, pop and rock, all the while receiving pushback from traditionalists who couldn’t accept their new sound.

But over nearly three decades The Soul Rebels have won out, bringing the music of their beloved hometown to huge audiences across the globe and collaborating with a list of artists unparalleled in its length and diversity, including Katy Perry, Nas, and Metallica. In the interview you’ll hear the guys reflect on some of those star-studded collaborations and what to expect from The Soul Rebels in 2021 and beyond.

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