Past Present Future Live!: Band Of Heathens “South By Somewhere”


Watch Ed and Gordy of Band Of Heathens perform “South by Somewhere”.

“We believe in this thing. It’s kind of like a marriage. You commit to making it work through the ups and downs and the compromises, in the name of keeping it going.” — Gordy Quist

Guests this week are Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist of The Band of Heathens, whose sixth studio album The Stranger comes out on September 25th. After being named “Best New Band” at the 2007 Austin Music Awards, The Band of Heathens built a devoted national fanbase by touring relentlessly and constantly evolving as songwriters, catching the attention of future collaborators from Patti Smith to Kid Rock.

Ed and Gordy describe Austin as the live music capital whose collaborative spirit enabled three solo singer-songwriters to join forces and create a group much greater than the sum of its parts. You’ll hear how, despite personnel and personal changes for over more than a decade, the chemistry between Ed and Gordy continues to produce ambitious new songs (and videos) that speak to the challenges facing America today.

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