MC Taylor/Hiss Golden Messenger: Past, Present, Future, Live!


Hear MC Taylor perform Drum, Biloxi, and Happy Birthday, Baby.

“I wasn’t doing it to make money. Money would have been nice, but that was nowhere close to my priority list. What I was trying to do was get inside the way that the music that I love works.”
– MC Taylor

This week, we bring you an interview with MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger. MC tells RJ about the transformation he underwent when he was writing music in North Carolina and forming his band, Hiss Golden Messenger. The two talk about writing for his kids, which you’ll hear reflected in the tunes he plays after the interview, and why one of his biggest releases to date was initially a disappointment.

You’ll find music from all the artists mentioned in this interview on our Past, Present, Future, Live! Spotify playlist.

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