Marijus Aleksa

Today, the Spotlight shines On Lithuanian drummer and producer Marijus Aleksa.Marijus has worked as a band leader, session musician and solo artist, and in each setting, his sound is his own, reflecting his interests in jazz, world and electronic club music. Marijus spent a decade in London, embedded in the dynamic new jazz scene there. Now back in Lithuania, he recently programmed a small local jazz festival in Vilnius, Tamsta Jazz Weekend. At the same time, he was rolling out his latest release, As They Are. In our talk, Marijus takes us into the musical collage that is the new album and provides insight into multiple aspects of his creativity. Enjoy. ——————References:Listen to Marijus Aleksa’s As They Are on Bandcamp or streaming platforms.Marijus Aleks online: www.marijusaleksa.comMarijus Aleksa on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.Music in Lithuania: bands, genres, radio stations, festivalsThe British jazz explosion: meet the musicians rewriting the rulebookJohn Cage: SilenceJon Hassell: Building a Musical Fourth WorldCollage art by Mt.Chills——————• Did you enjoy this episode? Rate Spotlight On ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and leave a review on Apple Podcasts.• Subscribe! Be the first to check out each new episode of Spotlight On in your podcast app of choice.• Looking for more? Visit for bonus content, web-only interviews + features, and the Spotlight On email newsletter.