Larkin Poe: Past, Present, Future, Live!

Watch Larkin Poe perform “Who Do You Love”, “She’s A Self Made Man”, and “Holy Ghost Fire”.

“I think the choices that we’ve made in terms of genre have really been bent towards leveling a playing field. Because at a certain point you realize the number of female artists you can listen to in the rock sphere, especially the classic rock sphere, are so limited…So I know that had to be a driving factor for us; wanting to prove people wrong, to do something that felt a little bit incongruous.” –Rebecca Lovell

Rebecca and Megan Lovell, the incredibly talented sisters behind Larkin Poe, join RJ to talk about their musical evolution, from their early years as classical violinists to discovering classic rock in their teens, to forming the band and producing their own albums. They discuss what it was like to play their first ‘plugged in show’ (terrifying) and tour with some of their musical heroes, and how they’re changing the status quo for women in music.

Larkin Poe’s latest release, Kindred Spirits, is available everywhere.

You’ll find music from all the artists mentioned in this interview on the Past, Present, Future, Live! Larkin Poe Spotify playlist.

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