Episode 6: Whole Damn Mess

In this episode, we dig into a conversation with Don Miggs and Greg Hansen of the band Whole Damn Mess. We discuss their musical backgrounds and the songwriting process behind their new songs – which will continue to roll out through the rest of 2022. Whole Damn Mess will be on the road later this year.

We also hear from Jenna Kesneck from 97X in Tampa, who talks about her familiarity with Don and his social contributions to the Tampa community before she ever knew he was in a band. And Kevin from Handheld Management joins us to share the story of how he inadvertently introduced the guys to one another before they became a band.

And, you’ll get a taste of some new songs from Whole Damn Mess. 

In each episode of the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang New Music Files we crack open the dossier of a band in the Alternative music format to get the inside intel on their latest release. In our sixth episode your host, Dead Air Dave, opens the file on Whole Damn Mess to get the scoop on their new collection of songs being released. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang New Music Files is hosted and produced by U.N.C.L.E. Distributed by Osiris Media.