Episode 4: Stella “Doc” Osprey

It’s 1992, and our narrator Terrance Woodridge meets Sugar Maple’s most enigmatic owner, and is pulled at last into Sugar Maple’s story. The New Orleans heroin dealer Stella “Doc” Osprey, who vanished in the 70s—after crafting a song that reverberated across the jazz scene and throughout the ages—explains her disappearance, and delivers an amazing vision about the Thread Tree: the murdered cosmic entity whose wood repaired Sugar Maple … but whose death throes may doom the world.

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Episode 4 stars Fred Savage as Terrance Woodrige, Michelle Hurst as Stella “Doc” Osprey, Kiley Etling as Reba, Cezar Williams as Archie Friend, Jenne Vath as Sookie Q, Daniella Benavides as Melora Trowbridge, and Brad Stratton as Chuck Baggs Smiley. 

“Loopo” was written by Brad Stratton, and “Circle Loop Pool Electric” was written by Don Hart, Jeff Coffin and Andrew Moxon. 

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The Executive Producers of Sugar Maple are Tom Marshall and RJ Bee. Produced, Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Brad Stratton. Story by Ben Colmery, A.R. Moxon, and Tom Marshall. Episode 3 written by A.R. Moxon and Ben Colmery. Directed by James Masciovecchio. Musical direction by Don Hart. Produced by Tom Sullivan. Production assistance from Zach Brogan and Christina Collins. Art by Mark Dowd. Marketing by Nick Cejas. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Sugar Maple. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. See you in two weeks for Episode 5.