Comes A Time: Trixie Garcia

This week on Comes a Time Oteil and Mike talk with a very special guest, Trixie Garcia! The daughter of our fabled guitar hero Jerry Garcia, Trixie shares unique insights about the Garcia family in this conversation, as well as some of our favorite topics here on Comes a Time. You’ll hear the three discuss Trixie’s love for hip hop and how she discovered music outside of the realm of the Grateful Dead as a teenager, Jerry’s rule of no parties consisting of more than 5,000 people while he was out on tour, how the natural world stabilizes Trixie in the midst of the chaos going on in our society, and much more. You’ll also hear Trixie talk about the women in the Garcia family and how they keep the ship steady long after Jerry’s passing, the “work hard play hard” mentality of her family, and how she finds solace in the mystery of life.

Trixie Garcia is the daughter of Jerry Garcia, and one of the members of the Garcia family behind Garcia Hand Picked Cannabis, which launched in California in 2020. Trixie is an active member of the Grateful Dead community, and a crucial part of the scene around the Dead, which continues to thrive long after the band’s final years together. Trixie has also appeared in several big-screen productions about the Grateful Dead, including Amir Bar-Lev’s masterful 6-part documentary on the band, Long Strange Trip. In this episode she joins Oteil and Mike to impart an incredibly unique perspective on the Grateful Dead world, as she provides unique insights that only a member of the Garcia family could tell.


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