Comes A Time: Page McConnell

Mike and Oteil welcome a very exciting guest on this week’s episode: Phish keyboard player Page McConnell, who recently released a new solo album Maybe We’re the Visitors. Once Mike finishes gushing over having just talked with one of his heroes, they get into the interview. Page enlightens the guys about his trip to Iceland, how it played into the creation of his new album, and how he didn’t originally think he was going to release this collection of music. He and Oteil do a deep dive into playing around with keyboards, synths, and the different ways of using them and discovering new sounds. We find out that Page doesn’t listen to much music, especially not his own, and that Oteil unsuccessfully tries to introduce his kids to music that he enjoys. Stick around to hear Page and Mike talk about Clifford Ball and the other Phish festivals!

Page McConnell is a multi-instrumentalist, who is best known for playing keys in the band Phish. He also founded Vida Blue, with Oteil Burbridge and Russell Batiste, and now has a solo album titled Maybe We’re the Visitors.  

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