Comes A Time: Oteil on Location

This week on Comes a Time, Oteil and Mike catch up! You’ll hear your two favorite podcast hosts discuss a myriad of subjects ranging from working hard at their respective art forms in their salad days, to differences between performing in large venues versus small ones, to weirdness on the New York subway, and much more. The two converse as if there’s no microphone in front of them, as Mike tells an interesting story about a recent standup experience he had that “transcended time,” and Oteil talks about opening for a crowd of 20 people at Red Rocks when the Aquarium Rescue Unit was in its infancy. The duo also discusses new skills that musicians and artists will bring to the table after having a year to practice in quarantine, and they each provide surprising insights on stage fright. Lastly, you’ll hear Mike pay respect to his mentors, who he equates to Oteil’s mentor, Col. Bruce Hampton.


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