Comes A Time: Nigel Hall

This week on Comes A Time, Oteil and Mike are joined by vocalist and keyboardist Nigel Hall. Nigel and Oteil grew up in the same neighborhood, and they waste no time reconnecting as they dive into a riveting conversation that covers everything from Nigel’s new musical project, to a deep dive on bass and Nigel’s musical philosophy, to Nigel’s discovery of the superpower of sobriety. The guys also discuss the importance of not worrying about what you can’t control, how Kofi Burbridge made Nigel a better keyboardist, and Nigel and Oteil share stories of growing up on the same street.

Nigel Hall is a Grammy-winning artist who has made a name for himself through his copious keyboard chops and powerful vocal style. Throughout his career, he’s built a mighty foundation of funk both onstage and in the studio, proving himself to be a true student of the music. He is a member of the Grammy-nominated funk group Lettuce, and releases work as a solo artist. Since relocating to New Orleans in late 2013, Nigel has quickly made a name for himself among the city’s world-class music community. Offbeat enthusiastically welcomed Hall as “a perfect fit” for the vibrant city and its singular culture. The Times-Picayune’s review of his solo debut at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival the same year crowned him with a comparison to Southern funk godfather Art Neville.

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