Comes A Time: Laurie Santos

On this episode of Comes a Time, Mike and Oteil welcome Yale Psychology Professor Laurie Santos onto the show. Laurie is the host of The Happiness Lab, a podcast focused on the science of happiness that provides helpful advice on ways to improve your life. In this conversation you’ll hear the three talk about the mental health crisis on college campuses, the idea of happiness existing as a relative concept, how misguided expectations can lead to disappointment and vice versa, and much more. You’ll also hear Laurie’s insights on money versus time in regards to which of the two will result in enhanced mental health, and her crucially important advice on how to properly process negative emotions in order to experience more positivity. Laurie’s knowledge and wisdom provides advice that everyone can benefit from, and the practices that she speaks about can truly alter your satisfaction with your daily life.

Laurie Santos is a Professor of Psychology at Yale University, the Director of the school’s Comparative Cognition Laboratory and their Canine Cognition Lab, and is also the Head of Yale’s Silliman College. Laurie has been featured as a TED speaker, and was listed in Popular Science as one of their “Brilliant Ten” young scientists in 2007. One of the classes she teaches at Yale, Psychology and the Good Life, is the most popular class in the history of the school, and at one point it had one-fourth of the school’s undergraduate population enrolled in it. She is also the host of The Happiness Lab Podcast, a podcast that examines the latest scientific research on happiness, and shares practical takeaways that can help alter people’s approaches to negative situations, resulting in happier lives.


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