Comes A Time: Justin Levy/Conscious Alliance

On this episode of Comes A Time Oteil and Mike are joined by Justin Levy, executive director of Conscious Alliance. Justin tells the guys about the work that Conscious Alliance does to provide food for people in need throughout America, how his experience with Cerebral Palsy helped him develop a positive outlook on the world, and the extremely gratifying emotional reaction that he experiences from Conscious Alliance. He also tells the guys about the logistics of efficient food distribution, what it was like to learn to walk four separate times and learn to read at age 21, and why he embraces the attitude of “I don’t know, let’s try it.”

Since 2012, Justin Levy has served as executive director of Conscious Alliance, a Colorado-based national hunger relief nonprofit that uses the connective power of art, music, and partnerships with food brands to feed communities in need. Their belief is that there is enough food to feed everyone in the country if it’s distributed at the right place and the right time. Conscious Alliance brings healthy food to communities across the U.S., with an emphasis on remote and rural areas, including Native American reservations. What began as a grassroots food drive at a local show has grown into a national movement, and has provided more than 6 million meals, to since its inception in 2002.


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