Comes A Time: John Greenewald

This week, Oteil and Mike welcome government secrets extraordinaire John Greenewald onto the show. John has been unearthing some of the most puzzling UFO and government-related mysteries all his life, and in this conversation he fills the guys in on the intricacies behind these seemingly unsolvable enigmas. You’ll hear the three talk about the recent UAP report released by the Pentagon, John’s lengthy history with FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, and the special government-curated list that he’s a member of. They also talk in-depth about Susan Goff and government responses to UFO information, the media’s role in perpetuating truth and lies about UFO sightings, and much more.

John Greenewald is a government secrets specialist with over twenty years of experience documenting, confirming, and debunking government-related mysteries. He specializes in UFO research and runs the Black Vault, an archival website that holds more than two million pages, all obtained by FOIA request. The site attracts three hundred thousand visitors per month, who collectively download about ten terabytes of documents on a monthly basis. John hosts a podcast called The Black Vault Radio, which he uses to further investigate the documents he obtains, and to converse with experts on the various topics that they cover. He has also written several books and has appeared on TV numerous times discussing the files he’s unearthed.


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