Comes A Time: Joe Corsello

This week on Comes A Time Oteil and Mike talk with jazz drummer Joe Corsello. Joe tells the guys what it was like to play with Benny Goodman, watch Miles Davis and Bill Evans play from a few feet away (for $2 dollars), and perform a high-pressure audition for Sonny Rollins. You’ll also hear Joe detail his experience climbing the ladder of musicianship, talk about how the music business has changed since the pandemic, and recall a life-altering Dave Brubeck concert that he saw when he was 11 years old. Without even hearing him play, Joe’s wisdom makes it clear why he was chosen to lead the rhythm section of so many great bands.

Joe Corsello is a drummer born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. Joe has made a lifetime commitment to playing drums and continually striving to reach new highs in the drumming world. He studied under the watchful eye of drum legend Alan Dawson at Berklee College of Music, and later enlisted in the U.S. Army band. He would go on to tour with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and form the jazz/rock band, New York Mary (Arista Records). The band recorded two successful records and toured with the B52′s, Patti Smith, Stevie Wonder and Tony Williams Lifetime band. Joe can be heard on recordings with Sonny Rollins, Marian McPartland, Benny Goodman, Steve Marcus, Ralph Lalama, Mike Moore, Sal Salvadore, Gene Bertoncini, Mike Mainari and many more legendary artists.


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