Comes A Time: Jesse Jarnow and Rich Mahan (DEADCAST)

This week on Comes A Time Mike and Oteil are joined by the hosts of the Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast, Jesse Jarnow and Rich Mahan, for a riveting hour of conversation on why the Dead were so good at channeling emotion through music, how Jesse and Rich create a Grateful Dead time machine through their podcast, and just how abnormal a Dead show was in comparison to any other rock concert. They also discuss the acutely particular circumstances that allowed the Dead to have the level of success that they did, a funny story about Jerry thinking that European deadheads are the same as American deadheads only with accents, why Jesse avoids ranking their music, and what might have been fueling the wild and exploratory versions of “Dark Star” during the Europe ‘72 tour.

“The Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast” is the official podcast of the Grateful Dead hosted by Jesse Jarnow and Rich Mahan. Jesse Jarnow is a renowned music journalist and writer, having published several books and contributed to critically-acclaimed content about some of our favorite bands, including Osiris’ own After Midnight. Rich Mahan is a musician from California who lives in Nashville and has toured and played with several groups over the years, including the alt-country band Shurman. In 2019 he released his latest record, Hot Chicken Wisdom– a tribute to fallen friends, callbacks to good times, liquid conversations deep into the night, and experience accrued over an adventurous life.

You can check out The Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast here.

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