Comes A Time: Jerry Grillo

This week on Comes a Time Oteil and Mike talk with Jerry Grillo, who recently published a biography about Col. Bruce Hampton titled The Music and Mythocracy of Col. Bruce Hampton: A Basically True Biography. In this conversation, the three dive deep on the mystical life of Col. Bruce, and Oteil reflects on some wild and inconceivable tales about his beloved mentor. You’ll hear about how Col. Bruce could intercept people’s thoughts through certain stages of dreams, the story of an evening when Bruce and his band were forced to play James Brown songs at gunpoint, how Bruce’s music “dismantled” Widespread Panic (in their own words) during the early stages of their career and almost caused them to break up, and a whole lot more. It’s impossible to cover the entire realm of Col. Bruce’s anomalous nature in one podcast, but Jerry, Mike, and Oteil pack in a ton of captivating stories and commentary in this episode. You’ll even hear their insights on the craziest thing that they think Col. Bruce ever did!

Jerry Grillo is an award-winning music journalist and a science writer at Georgia Tech. Jerry worked for a variety of different newspapers and magazines as an editor, writer, and photographer and has produced multiple regional and national award-winning stories and columns. In April he published The Music and Mythocracy of Col. Bruce Hampton: A Basically True Biography, which details the life of Col. Bruce Hampton and even includes one-on-one interviews with the man himself. Jerry still works as a freelance writer for publications like Atlanta magazine, Emory Medicine magazine, and Super Lawyers magazine, and is also a playwright, having co-written eight plays that have all made it to the stage. In this episode you’ll hear him talk in-depth about the legacy of Col. Bruce, and tell wondrous tales about Bruce’s incredible life.


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