Comes A Time: Gary Lambert

This week on Comes A Time, Gary Lambert joins Oteil and Mike to talk about the eclectic range of influences of the Grateful Dead, the ways that art can reflect the state of a society, and why it’s important to take healthy breaks from “the earth clock,” as Mike cleverly describes it. You’ll hear Gary tell the guys a serendipitous story about how Phil Lesh directly influenced him to become a bass player, discuss Bill Graham’s incredible attention to detail and his greatness as a promoter, and a jazz concert that Gary saw in 1972 that left the audience quite literally steaming. Gary has witnessed some of the greatest musicians of all time take the stage, and in this episode he tells Oteil and Mike all about his decorated musical life.

Gary Lambert has worked in music for most of what he laughingly calls his “adult life,” including jobs with the late legendary impresario Bill Graham, and a 15-year stint as founding writer/editor of the Grateful Dead’s official newsletter, The Grateful Dead Almanac. Since 2008, Gary has co-hosted Tales From The Golden Road, a weekly talk and listener-participation show on SiriusXM Radio’s Grateful Dead Channel. In 2021 the show took the conversation into the video streaming realm with Dead Air with Lambert & Gans, an interview segment that streamed on during the set breaks at shows on Dead & Company’s summer and fall tours. As a musician Gary has played live and recorded with Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Henry Kaiser, Richard Thompson and many other revered musicians, and in this episode he shares some of his incredible musical experiences with listeners.


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