Comes A Time: Duncan Trussell

“We’re all going around here acting like you’re not going to lose everything, everything at any given moment. That is scary. But the reason it’s scary is because you think you have something to lose. That’s why it’s scary. And so self knowing is where you begin.” – Duncan Trussell

This week on Comes a Time, Mike & Oteil get philosophical with Duncan Trussell – comedian, writer, actor, and fellow podcaster as host of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour. The three share an interest in meditation, Buddhist and other theological studies, and exploring the depths of human consciousness. It doesn’t take long for them to dive right into it and discuss experiences seeking peace, the fear of losing yourself, and much more.

Duncan Trussell is a stand up comedian, writer, actor, and podcast host. The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast is a longtime hit with listeners of all stripes, with over 400 episodes out, including episodes with guests Joe Rogan, Ram Dass, Dan Harmon, Tim Ferriss and more. The Midnight Gospel is an animated series created by Duncan Trussel and Adventure TIme creator Pendleton Ward for Netflix, which features clips from the podcast. The show explores many of the philosophical questions that Duncan frequently discusses with guests on his podcast.

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