Comes A Time: Dr. Stanley Krippner

“The integral experience is where people come up with mystical experiences, spiritual experiences. Not everybody gets that far, but those that do often feel a sense of oneness … or some of them feel that they’re in the presence of God or of the Spirit. And again, this can be very very powerful and in previous days, this would be looked upon as a psychotic hallucination.” — Dr. Stanley Krippner

This week on Comes A Time, Oteil and Mike are joined by accomplished psychologist Dr. Stanley Krippner, who has been a key figure in studying altered states of consciousness over the last 50 years.

In this conversation you’ll hear Dr. Krippner detail his understanding of the psychedelic experience and how it relates to modern medical assessments of the human mind, as well as stories of mid-concert experiments with dream telepathy and hypnosis at the request of Mickey Hart and Jerry Garcia. Dr. Krippner speaks on the interconnected reality behind individual anomalous experiences, his friendship with Native American spiritual leader and friend of the Grateful Dead, Rolling Thunder, and much more. This is a must-listen episode for those interested in the mystical and the spiritual, and how they relate to our human journey.

Dr. Stanley Krippner has published extensive research that has led to significant advancements in our comprehension of dream telepathy, hypnosis, dissociation, and many other unconventional angles of understanding the human mind. He co-authored Varieties of Anomalous Experience, which explores the relevance of non-psychopathological phenomena in the individual and collective human experience. In this conversation Dr. Krippner shares some of the wisdom that he’s learned in his years of study with Oteil and Mike, as they dive into the wonder and mystery of the anomalous.

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