Comes A Time: Dr. Lita, Derek, and Melonie Mathews

In this episode, Oteil and Mike welcome Dr. Lita & Derek Mathews, founders of the Gathering of Nations Powwow, along with their daughter Melonie Mathews. They discuss the beginnings of the Gathering of Nations, the importance of the Powwow and the sharing of oral history in Native American communities, and how the Powwow culture shares similarities to the Grateful Dead community. We also hear about Derek’s experience growing up in Chicago and exposure to music, the family’s journey getting into the Dead, and stories from the road. They also share the incredible story of the family being nominated for and then winning their 2010 GRAMMY the year following Dr. Lita’s successful liver transplant.

Derek & Dr. Lita Mathews founded the Gathering of Nations Powwow in 1984, now the largest Powwow in the United States and North America. Hundreds of tribes from the US and Canada travel to Albuquerque every year to participate, compete, and share tradition. Derek, Dr. Lita, and their daughter Melonie won the Best Native American Music Album award at the 53rd annual GRAMMY Awards for “2010 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow: A Spirit’s Dance.”

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