Comes A Time: David Gans

On this episode of Comes a Time, Mike and Oteil talk with musician, author, and Grateful Dead historian David Gans. In this exciting conversation you’ll hear the three dive deep on the intricacies behind putting on a successful live performance, how Robert Hunter’s lyrics and the music of the Grateful Dead combined to deliver an all-encompassing emotional experience for fans, American eating habits and how we can be more nutritionally efficient, and much more. You’ll also hear Mike spark an interesting discussion about avoiding the easy route in stand-up comedy and how that makes the experience more meaningful for him, and hear David talk about Tales from the Golden Road, his upcoming Grateful Dead photography book with Jay Blakesburg, and his 50-year career as a musician.

David Gans is a musician, author, and music journalist from Los Angeles. He is the co-author of the acclaimed book Playing in the Band: An Oral and Visual Portrait of the Grateful Dead, and the host of the weekly radio show The Grateful Dead Hour. He also co-hosts a Sirius XM show on The Grateful Dead Channel called Tales from the Golden Road, where listeners can call-in and talk about the band. As a music journalist he has written articles for magazines such as BAM, Relix, and Rolling Stone, and has interviewed legends including Leo Fender, Warren Zevon, and Randy Newman. David has also released over 10 solo albums, and continues to tour and livestream his performances on Facebook.


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