Comes A Time: Anthony DiDomenico

On this episode of Comes A Time, Anthony DiDomenico joins Mike and Oteil to talk about his inspirational weight loss journey, the double-edged sword of saying exactly what you mean, and much to Oteil and Mike’s very pleasant surprise, pro wrestling. Anthony tells the guys about how he aims to provide a voice of support through his podcast, and cathartic experiences that he’s had from diving deep into his own insecurities through stand-up comedy. You’ll also hear a thought-provoking insight from Anthony about why he relates to Batman more than Superman, and why Mike thinks that the first step to loving yourself is to “like not liking yourself.”

Anthony DiDomenico found his way into comedy through tragedy. After he lost his job and his engagement ended, Anthony was encouraged by his father to find amusement in his situation and share it with people, using his likeable personality. Anthony is the host of The WW Bro Podcast, which follows his WW journey, and provides insights to weight loss successes and struggles. In this episode he shares vulnerable elements of his story, and provides helpful encouragement for those who may need it.

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