Comes A Time: Annabelle Garcia

This week on Comes a Time, Mike and Oteil welcome a very special guest, Annabelle Garcia. A direct member of the Grateful Dead lineage, Annabelle has too many riveting stories to tell for one podcast, but she makes sure to pack as many as she can into this episode! You’ll hear the three talk about Annabelle’s unabashed love for top-40 music when she was a kid, as well as a wild story about her first non-Grateful Dead concert- a Talking Heads show that led to a strange interaction with David Byrne at Ken Kesey’s house. You’ll also hear Annabelle talk about the ways that she explores the weirdness of life through her art, an astonishing story about why bass helps her sleep, and why she needed a break from getting hugged at shows. If you’re a Grateful Dead fan interested in the behind the scenes happenings of the band, or if you’d like to hear an insightful conversation between three amazing artists, then this is the podcast for you!

Annabelle Garcia was born in Marin County, California in 1970 to Carolyn (Mountain Girl) Adams, and Jerry Garcia. She is their first child together and the middle sibling of five sisters from various parents. Annabelle is a natural world admirer, a reclusive Pacific Northwestern artist, a member of the Garcia Family LLC, and a direct result of the experimental 60’s. Under her childhood nickname, A.Belle, she creates whimsical ink cartoons, pop surrealist paintings, concrete sculpture, impressionist watercolor, and poetry in search of the imaginary worlds and our intimate relationships with them. Being diagnosed with discoid lupus in 2015 led her to step back from a life of odd adventures to focus more on philanthropic work, while continuously supporting the Garcia Family LLC in sharing and honoring her parents’ remarkable legacies.


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