Comes A Time: Alex Peavey

“We got the prognosis and they said, OK, maybe a year we’ll see as we kept going. So we keep pushing the outer limits, but it’s the perpetual opportunity to immerse yourself in the present. That’s ultimately the outcome.” – Alex Peavey

This week, Oteil and Mike talk with Alex Peavey, a mindfulness consultant and the Team Consultant and Mindfulness Coach for VCU Men’s Basketball. Alex reached out as a listener of the podcast, sharing what a refuge the show has been throughout his battle with cancer. In this episode, Alex shares how he got into meditation and what role the practice has played in his life after his cancer diagnosis. They discuss the process of conceptualizing and emotionally processing your own mortality, along with different approaches to doing so. Alex also shares what music has helped bring him peace recently, and the three reflect on how the pandemic has reshaped their views.

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Alex Peavey is in his 14th year at Collegiate School where he served as the head boys’ varsity basketball coach for 12 years, and he continues to work as a school counselor, assistant boys’ varsity lacrosse coach, and mindfulness teacher. He has been practicing mindfulness since the age of 15, and with the knowledge that it can cultivate peace of mind as well as peak performance, Alex has been teaching these techniques to others for over a decade. In addition to introducing mindfulness to the students, faculty, and parents at Collegiate School, Alex has brought it to “Mindful Mondays” at the Cameron K Gallagher Foundation, colleges and universities across the state, regional and international conferences, correctional facilities, corporations, and the federal government. After almost a lifetime of practicing mindfulness, Alex found these strategies to be of the utmost importance last March when he was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. Even in spite of the physical and mental challenges he has faced in the last year, mindfulness has allowed him to choose the path of joy over and over, and this is a path he hopes others have the opportunity to experience in their own lives as well, beginning with the gateways of awareness and compassion.

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