Comes A Time: Adam Deitch and Jesus Coomes

On this episode of Comes A Time, Adam Deitch and Erick “Jesus” Coomes of Lettuce join the guys to talk about the present iteration of the band and their new album, Unify, how hip hop was a major part of Lettuce’s musical identity, and a story from Jesus about getting Kanye West’s number on his Nokia phone, and then jamming on “All Falls Down.” You’ll also hear about how Jesus and Adam met through a jam with “Lil’ John” Roberts, a deep dive on sampling and different variations of funk, and how the best musicians, including Oteil, are the most humble according to Jesus.

Lettuce is a funk band from Boston best known for their deep-pocket rhythms and buoyant instrumentation. Much of their unique style is propelled by their rhythm section- bassist Jesus Coomes and drummer Adam Deitch are the rhythmic force behind the sextet, each utilizing their experience working with legendary artists ranging from Eric Krasno to Kanye West to John Scofield. Approaching thirty years since their humble Boston beginnings, the relentlessly soulful funk outfit has essentially lived on the road, embodying, night after night, the sly wink of its moniker: “Let us play!” Their new album, Unify, comes out on June 3, and you can catch them on tour all throughout the summer!


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