Comes A Time: Adam Bramlage

On this episode of Comes a Time, founder and CEO of Flow State Micro Adam Bramlage joins Mike and Oteil to talk about the limitless potential of microdosing. In this conversation you’ll hear the three dive deep on how microdosing can rewire the brain to help develop new neural pathways, breaking intergenerational trauma through microdosing, and Adam’s work with Flow State Micro and how he aims to create the most effective experience for his clients. You’ll also hear about how loving yourself is a side effect of microdosing, a funny story from Mike that demonstrates why you should never underestimate the power of mushrooms, and a happy birthday song for Oteil!

Adam Bramlage is the founder and CEO of Flow State Micro, where he works one-on-one with clients to optimize their microdosing experience. He works daily as an educator, assisting clients with performance enhancement, diet, meditation, neutral thinking and Flow State optimization. Adam has helped hundreds of individuals from all walks of life- from professional athletes to people suffering from depression- achieve positive results through microdosing in his private practice. After spending more than a decade in the California legal cannabis space, he sold his cannabis companies and pivoted into psychedelics after successfully using microdosing to cure his own treatment-resistant depression. In this episode, he shares with listeners what he’s learned through his experience with microdosing, and provides riveting insights that instill hope for a more mindful future in mental health medicine.

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