Come A Time: Christian McBride

This week on Comes A Time, upright bass giant Christian McBride joins Mike and Oteil to talk about playing with James Brown and other legendary musicians like Bob Weir and Paul McCartney, why the road isn’t always as glamorous as it seems, and how his Philadelphia roots made him an open-minded musician. You’ll also hear Christian express his admiration for his mentor Ray Brown, describe his unconventional early musical education, and talk about why he needs to be alone for 15 minutes before and after taking the stage.

Christian McBride has been a standout jazz bassist since the late 80’s, and has performed with an impressive list of fellow superstars including James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Paul McCartney, Ray Brown, and Chick Corea. The 8-time Grammy winner is often praised for his ability to make swinging jazz bass lines sound funky, and he continues to shape his all-inclusive, forward-thinking outlook on music through incendiary live shows with the Christian McBride Band. Aside from his musical work, he also hosts “The Lowdown: Conversations With Christian” on SiriusXM satellite radio, and National Public Radio’s weekly “Jazz Night in America.” Christian also works with Jazz House Kids, the nationally-recognized community arts organization founded by his wife, vocalist Melissa Walker.

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