Brandon Seabrook’s magic cluster**k of merciless banjo torture

The Spotlight shines On guitarist and banjoist Brandon Seabrook, hot off the release of his new album brutalovechamp on Pyroclastic Records.Brandon is known for pushing his music past the far reaches of the extreme, fusing elements from punk, jazz, pop, and metal. His music has been called “abrasive” and “angular”, with an intense focus on virtuosity. brutalovechamp covers new ground. With his octet, Epic Proportions, Brandon explores beauty, personal emotion and a lyricism not usually associated with his music. In his liner notes for the record, he describes the album as “a departure” and “intimate and vast.” Our conversation was vast as well, covering Brandon’s early life, affinity for ‘80s metal, and his move to more vulnerable, less process-driven music, as well as his reasons for this shift. Enjoy.——————Dig DeeperListen to brutalovechamp by Brandon Seabrook’s Epic Proportions on Bandcamp or your chosen streaming platformVisit Brandon Seabrook online at brandonseabrook.comFollow Brandon Seabrook on Instagram or YouTube”Libidinal Bouquets” Live at Public Records (video)Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention: The Freak Out GatefoldThese 10 SST Records releases defined ’80s punk and beyondThe Gated Reverb Conundrum (that ‘80s drum sound)Back In The Day, This Major Rhode Island City Was A Mafia MeccaA Brief History of the Tenor BanjoChristopher Weingarten on Brandon Seabrook in The Village VoiceRobert Altman: The Sound Crew’s Best CompanionForgotten Heroes: Sonny Sharrock’s Footprints on the Moon——————• Did you enjoy this episode? Rate Spotlight On ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and leave a review on Apple Podcasts. • Subscribe! Be the first to check out each new episode of Spotlight On in your podcast app of choice. • Looking for more? Visit for bonus content, web-only interviews + features, and the Spotlight On email newsletter.